Arresting Officer(s) Background

One often overlooked key area of defense is checking the background of every officer involved in your criminal accusation investigation and arrest. Particular officers often have ongoing issues, and the police “code of silence” results in their conduct being minimized in future cases, even if similar harmful conduct occurs.

An example is if an officer has previously been disciplined for lying on offense reports and abusing inmates, and on a new charge where he was the arresting officer, the agency has another officer write up the report, many details are left out, and an injury to the arrested is claimed as “self-inflicted” without any further details. If an officer’s background is not checked in this circumstance, a defendant does not have a clear picture of the oppressive forces against them, which must be called out as a part of any adequate defense. Therefore, at Drew Willey Law, we comprehensively research every officer involved in your investigation and arrest if you choose to hire us.