Comprehensive Voir Dire (Jury Selection)

Jury selection is arguably the most important part of any trial. The ability to read someone based on quick facts and responses to questions is a difficult skill to master. Drew Willey Law has spent the time to master these skills.

Especially in Texas, where those who serve on juries are usually not an accurate representation of society, it is vital to eliminate those jurors that will be unfavorable to you. Too many “state always win” society members exist (they fail to understand the importance of Constitutional protections for us all!). You need an attorney who can disqualify those jurors that will be unfair to you. More often than not in Texas, the majority of potential jurors fall into that category. Prior clients have found that we can successfully ensure you get a fair trial by busting the panel and dismissing a jury pool when necessary. (More often than not, we have excused the majority of potential jurors for uncovering their partial and unfair biases!). If we cannot get a fair jury for a trial, we will keep forcing the government to bring in more people until they find the fair citizens. And if we bust a panel, that means the state is more compelled to give you fair, equal justice.