Domestic Disputes

Cases involving family violence or domestic violence are incredibly sensitive. You are often dealing with the worst and climatic moment in relationships with a long and complicated history.

Often, the exact incident that leads to criminal charges involve altered minds or the pinnacle of feelings erupting into emotional action – whether that action is physical or the calling of police. Both parties are often culprits and victims. Sometimes, potential for healing and redemption exist. When police are involved, they must make a judgment call, often without any background information; and they label one person evil and another the victim. In many circumstances, the system affords the victim vast power, which is entirely warranted because they desperately need protection. Other times, that power can be abused. The ability to call the police, have someone put into a cage, file a protective order against someone (where there is most often no chance to defend), and more, can be used with ill-intent. Drew Willey Law will handle any case involving domestic disputes with the required sensitivity, patience, and understanding of the full picture.