Gang-Related Charges or Findings

Mere gang accusations that have never been afforded due process are enough to seriously hinder someone’s freedom.

The law in Texas, a fear-based piece of legislation poorly constructed and passed on the heels of the LA gang riots, makes it extremely easy for people to be placed into a “gang database.” Many people are placed there merely for conversing with something else that’s in the database. This database is now so overrun that its effectiveness to increase public safety is gone. There is no way to determine if someone in the database is actually a threat or not. Therefore, the database is merely another form of irrational and wrongful oppression. Further, if a finding of “gang-related” is included in any criminal charge, it can severely affect parole eligibility and timing, jail and prison classifications, the time you serve, and countless more collateral consequences. The list of “gang crimes” is overbroad, as well. Trespass, for example, can be considered a “gang crime.” Drew Willey Law has extensive knowledge and experience with these statutes, primarily through winning a dismissal when fighting the Southlawn Gang Injunction. To be blunt, gang accusations are often wrong and misled. Every accusation of anything gang-related should be fought to protect all involved. If you face such accusations, call us.