Grand Jury Packets

If arrested on a felony charge, in order for the case to continue, the prosecutors must present the case to a grand jury, who reviews the justification for the police officers’ written probable cause for the arrest.

If the Grand Jury justifies the arrest, a formal indictment will be issued, meaning you have been formally charged with a felony and the case will move forward. If the Grand Jury finds probable cause does not exist for the arrest, the charge will be “No-Billed,” meaning the case ends almost before it began. If a case is “No-Billed,” the case is over and you will not have any accusations still pending against you. In Texas, defense attorneys are not allowed to be present for Grand Jury proceedings. This means typically a prosecutor reads an officer’s report, the Grand Jury takes that word at face value, and the charge is rubber-stamped and becomes a formal indictment. However, the defense can submit a “Grand Jury packet” for the Grand Jury members to review. This packet can highlight important issues that would otherwise be glossed over. Many times, if done right, a Grand Jury packet can be the difference between freedom and facing an oppressive felony charge. Drew Willey Law's work exemplifies the best Grand Jury packets. We stay proactive about submitting one at every realistic possibility. Your case likely deserves a comprehensive Grand Jury packet, and if you hire Drew Willey Law, we will handle it as a part of your defense.