Implicit Bias Recognition

Implicit bias cannot be avoided when addressing the issues that you will hire us to resolve. Take the implicit bias tests to more fully understand your own and the deeply infectious nature of bias.

Often, we are dealing with heavy human emotions and gut reactions to life events, whether it is a jury, prosecutor, judge, victim, or witness. Explicit bias, even racism, is easier to deal with because it is an outwardly recognizable flaw that society is getting better at decrying. Implicit bias, on the other hand, allows very reasonable level-minded individuals to believe they can see past their own biases. But American society has engrained some biases in all of us so deeply that people often do not recognize it themselves. Drew Willey Law knows it is vitally important to address such biases, or else our clients are harmed and further detriment occurs due to these biases. It is an uphill, complex battle, but when you hire us, know that we will do all we can to recognize and quash the prejudices of anyone who may decide your fate.