Motions to Suppress

Many times, evidence is obtained illegally. Other times, it is not clear how evidence is obtained. Officers, despite their supposed training, often completely leave out how they obtained the right to search a person, car, or house.

Illegally obtained evidence may not be used at trial, and should be suppressed. To reach this result, Drew Willey Law is proactive in filing motions to suppress and holding hearings requiring the state to justify their searches and acquisition of evidence. When evidence is obtained illegally, it is not a “technicality,” but a constitutional right that has been violated. Our nation and freedom are based on these rights, and if we allow them to be deteriorated, we lose all fundamental values of freedom and democracy. Police and prosecutors may not break the law when trying to enforce the law. If you hire Drew Willey Law, we will uphold your rights to the fullest at any and every opportunity. Our comprehensively researched and enacted motions to suppress is just one vital way we fight for you and for freedom.