Police Encounter Charges

This charge category includes, but is not limited to, resisting arrest, evading arrest, interference with public duties, failure to ID, failure to stop and give information, and failure to stop and render aid.

Officers will often tack these on with other charges, resulting in you being overcharged. Often, officers even include the charge of assault on a security officer/public servant, which is a more severe charge, meaning harder to defend yourself. The police know that. Unfortunately, that means the more unreasonable officers use these charges more often. To make matters worse, the current state of the law in Texas makes it incredibly difficult to hold police accountable for wrongful actions. (Drew Willey Law still takes on that difficult task, though, see here, because it is so important for balance and fairness in our system). If you find yourself facing charges involving police encounters, you need an attorney willing to dig into each officer’s background and hold them accountable when necessary – even to just get the criminal charge off your back.