Professional Negotiations

From the first interaction through case resolution, negotiation tactics are being used, whether you realize it or not. You want a defense attorney who understands and employs more developed and professional negotiations than the opposition.

Drew Willey Law assesses appropriate case resolutions by focusing on preventing oppression, wrongful incarceration, and improper convictions, in an effort to compel a justice defined by making us whole. We give the State every opportunity to meet us with a case resolution that realizes that justice. From day one of hearing about any case, however, we are preparing for the State to not understand the same level of justice for our clients by staying proactive and trial ready. Taking cases to trial is not happening enough in our system, but it happens more with Drew Willey Law. Trial is our biggest bargaining chip and a foundational right of everyone in the American system. We stand ready for trial for every client until they realize a satisfactory case resolution, especially if that means a dismissal or a “not guilty” jury verdict. Unfortunately, most lawyers in the criminal industry have no training in professional business negotiations. Drew Willey Law has that training and employs it in every case we handle.