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To be comprehensive in this work, we have to keep an eye towards areas for reform in our criminal justice system. Drew Willey Law is committed to reforming all aspects of the system. We have, continue, and plan to aid and lead in work towards the following specific reforms:

  • Prosecution Run System

Drew Willey Law was NEVER a prosecutor. In Texas, it seems like all the defense attorneys advertise that they came from the prosecutor's office. Most of the judges were at one time prosecutors. Why would you want someone representing you who previously felt it was acceptable to throw hundreds of people into cages, based on their job? They’ll come they know the “tricks,” or have “inside knowledge.” The truth is, they are and were a part of a system that encourages mass incarceration. They held a career that valued police code of silence over accused citizens’ rights. Our country’s independence was founded on preserving accused citizen’s rights. Police did not exist. 5 of the 10 Bill of Rights concern protecting accused citizens’ rights against the government and accusers. Why do we allow people who held the opposite perspective run our entire system? Their complacency and feelings of “it’s just their job” are what has allowed mass incarceration to be the new form of oppression in our country. Not to mention, the required training to adequately defend cases is vastly different than the training that prosecutors receive. Drew Willey Law strives to implement a system run by people who value the accused rights first. Law students and new attorney training should be from the perspective of protecting citizens’ rights first. We shouldn’t accept lawyers who went straight into a prosecutor's’ office as the best people to defend our rights and be our judges. This mindset and acceptance has led to America’s problem of mass incarceration. We provide new avenues for law students and new attorneys to practice criminal law on the correct side first and forever, and we will continue to do so to make the scales of justice more even.