Sexual Charges

Society imposes oppression and judgment on anyone that’s been labeled a criminal. This “X on your back,” or fear-based label’s harmful effect, is increased exponentially for the label “sex offender.”

Registering on the sex offender public list can be more harmful than the most severe punishments available. Unfortunately, over-aggressive legislative inclusion means this registry no longer provides the public safety benefit it was intended to create. Because too many names now exist in the registry, the public cannot know if a person on the list is a true predator or if they pose zero threat. Further, the sex offender treatment programs forced by the state are fraught with abuse, re-traumatization, corruption, and judgment without redemptive goals. More than anywhere else, individuals convicted of sexual charges requiring registration are asked to sprint after their ankles are handcuffed. Therefore, to prevent being caught with an impossible label to live under, you must have client-centered, holistic representation on the front-end. Call Drew Willey Law so we can do everything we can to prevent this label and a conviction.