Your story is your life. It is sacred and personal. Accusers attempt to infiltrate your story, minimize it, thwart it, and dehumanize it. At Drew Willey Law, extensive storytelling training allows us to fully understand and communicate the value of your story.

We will honor it with every aspect of your case and beyond. Further, your story, from your perspective, needs to be understood by all. We will take the time to know your full story, honor it, protect it when necessary, and importantly, tell it when necessary. And we do not just mean at trial – your story is to be preserved and pursued from day one of our representation. Every interaction with your accusers (complaining witnesses, police, prosecutors, and unfortunately, sometimes judges) will involve some level of storytelling. We have been extensively trained in storytelling and will apply it to your benefit throughout every case, from the first moment you retain us and for the duration of any trial or other disposition.