Witness Presentation

Unfortunately, in today’s America, innocent unless proven guilty really means guilty until proven innocent.

Even though it’s not the standard, juries will often require you to not only show the state cannot prove its case, they will require you to disprove their case; in other words, prove your innocence. The only way to combat this mindset is to present your own witnesses at trial. Drew Willey Law will do everything we can to have our own witnesses and present them in a skilled manner so your story is told. We will also comprehensively cover facts and aspects for any potential witness to protect them from the state’s cross examination. Client Testimony – the decision to testify is always yours and yours alone. At Drew Willey Law, we often break from the traditional norm of advising clients against telling their story. It is your story. If you want to tell it, and if it might help your case, we will do everything we can to prepare you and enable you to testify.